Successful Presentation Checklist

Read and implement each of the following and YOU WILL IMPROVE YOUR PRESENTATIONS!

I will:

organize my material so that my main point is clear/helpful to the audience
visualize myself delivering a successful presentation that the audience appreciates
rehearse by standing up and using all my visuals (video recording it if possible)
arrive early so I can set-up and be fully present and welcoming to the audience
focus on relaxing with simple, unobtrusive isometric techniques
smile or appropriately match my facial expressions with my message
breathe deeply (through my nose) prior to (and during) speaking to relax myself
release my tension in a positive way by sincerely caring about my audience needs
move purposefully when I speak to stay relaxed, natural and engaging
maintain good eye contact with my audience looking for visual connections
enjoy the privilege of being there and sharing with this audience
Prepare – Rehearse – Breathe -Converse -Succeed

Mark Twain claimed it took him two weeks to write an “impromptu speech.”

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