Persuasive Presentation Skills Training- Register Now!


Jump start on your business development goals and 2019 $ales – join us on January 31 & Feb.1! at the Troy MI Embassy Suites

Benefits participants will gain include:

  • Successful Sales Mindset Checklist
  • Sales questions and tips for winning large programs or projects
  • A proven format to structure effective business/sales or overall persuasive presentations
  • Greater confidence and practice sharing value propositions with tact and influence
  • Increasing ability to listen, make points concisely and boost professional credibility
  • Getting others to listen to, and more likely act on your recommendations with our persuasive format
  • Practice using stories to connect and influence your audiences


Boost your sales!
Take your persuasive presentation skills to the next higher level.
Join us for this two-day, hands-on, engaging workshop experience January 31st & February 1st.
At the Embassy Suites Troy, MI Limited seats available – with a maximum of 13 participants.

With this hands-on persuasive presentation skills training, participants will better organize and share their business case/products/services or expertise in a more confident, engaging and persuasive manner. This training is also designed to help content experts make recommendations or propose solutions to decision makers in a more impactful, clear and convincing manner.

As a result, participants will have more of the tools they need to gain better responses/results whenever they speak to their colleagues, customers or future prospects. Each participant will receive a high-quality participant’s manual, handouts, on-the-spot coaching, critique sheets and a personal video card with their practice presentations for use as a helpful reference and reinforcing tool.


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