Presentation Mistakes to Avoid

Presentation Mistakes to Avoid By Planning Ahead

With some advanced planning on your part and a bit of conscious effort, you can make a great presentation while avoiding common presentation mistakes.Whether you call them presentation mistakes, presentation don’ts presentation pitfalls, no-no’s or just plain audience irritations…Listed here are some of the most common mistakes we have seen presenters make when presenting in public or when first coming into one of our hands-on presentation skill workshops:

• Appearing unprepared or too self-conscious

• Starting a presentation with an apology

• Talking “at” instead of “with” the audience

• Using too many slides for the time allotted

• Talking to the slides more than the audience

• Reading excessively from the slides

• Taking too long to get to the point

• Failing to grab audience attention and interest

• Ineffective opening or closing to a presentation

• Focusing more on the presentation than the audience

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