Effective Presentation Skills Workshop

In this fast-paced, get-to-the-point, business culture we live in, (competing with short attention spans) we often have only seconds to capture the attention and interest of an audience. This effective presentation skills workshop is one of the best and fastest ways to help make that happen.

Today’s presenters are challenged to make their points clearly, concisely and effectively with a confident and engaging delivery style. In this proven presentation skills course, participants will be able to gain more effective responses/results whenever they speak with prospective clients, customers or internal team members.

This presentation skills training is ideal for those who need to make presentations on an occasional or regular basis.

If you want to successfully train your team or subject matter experts please read on. From project leaders, team members, directors and managers to safety trainers, we will help you to help them more confidently connect and better engage with a variety of audiences.

Tried, tested and proven… this two-day presentation skills workshop gets results!

This two-day live training/professional development course is delivered by one of our highly experienced professional instructors. All sessions are highly interactive, hands-on training with three-way, skill-building feedback. Maximum 12 participants for best results. Each participant will receive a certificate of completion suitable for framing.

This high-impact presentation training includes:

  • Seasoned top professional instructors who present for a living
  • Multiple practice opportunities including body language word use, voice technique and question facilitation and handling
  • Small group and individual activities
  • High-quality reference workbook with valuable reusable formats
  • Digital video recording and viewing of practice presentations
  • Individual assessments/coaching and personalized action plan

Presentation skills course participants learn:

  • How to engage any audience right from the beginning
  • How to use words that connect with your audiences
  • How to survey audiences and generate audience interaction
  • How to quickly create/use visuals that add greater impact and clarity to your important content/key points
  • How to use stories and analogies to make technical information familiar and relevant
  • A five-step process to sell ideas and persuade listeners to take action
  • How to implement techniques to personalize and connect with your audience
  • How to overcome fear and control nervousness; build confidence
  • How to answer questions smoothly, confidently and effectively
  • How to develop effective alternatives to the lecture format.

Presentation skills participant benefits include:

  • Get and keep audience attention
  • Make and reinforce your key points more effectively
  • Reduce nervousness, increase confidence
  • Apply interactive principles for greater impact and retention
  • Better educate, influence or help motivate listeners

Effective presentation training benefits to your organization:

  • Build trust with audience members
  • More effective two-way communication
  • Greater customer satisfaction and retention
  • Help you win/earn customer confidence and future business
  • Better brand awareness / educational marketing
  • Increase sales

Your satisfaction guaranteed.

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